In 2017, Airbnb and VRBO hosted more guests than all of the other hotel chains combined. Airbnb and similar short term rental companies are changing the way people travel and experience a new city. Every industry evolves over time and Airbnb has started that push. Hotels are already starting to offer more experiences and looking into creating a short term rental collection. We believe that we are at the forefront of a massive swing in a billion dollar business.

Jaunt partners with individuals and companies that own properties in areas of high demand. We sit down with our partners to create a plan for the future that meets everyone's standards and expectations.

Initially, we signs a 1 year commercial or residential lease, which will state the purpose of the rental and include any additional addendums required. We then furnish the home, at no extra cost to the owner, and list the property on multiple platforms. We are fully responsible for all activity that happens within the unit and will take care of all maintenance needs.

If the home proves to be profitable, we will be willing to sign a long term lease.

The type of people that will stay at the rental are out-of-state business and leisure travelers. Our guests are pre-screened for identification, are pet-free, and are non-smokers. Guests typically stay for 3-7 nights.

We are also expanding into creating boutique tech-based hotels to increase concentration in prime areas.

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